Maple Valley Sunset Family Session

Family photo of a mom and dad kissing, twoo little girls kissing and mom holding baby in a meadow

Maple Valley Family Sunset Session

I met up with this amazing family last night just outside of Maple Valley in the breathtaking meadows of Flaming Geyser State Park. Imagine, daisies as far as the eye can see, it was MAGICAL and honestly a session for the books!!!!

We first met over 6 years ago when they asked me to photograph their first baby girl’s newborn session! We always remissness about that first photoshoot and giggle about how I used to haul real wood floors and bins of props and blankets around! So much has changed for all of us since those days, and just look at all of the BEAUTIFUL babies they have created!!! Time goes by so painfully fast, it’s all so bittersweet, but watching them grow up has been such a privilege and an honor! Having them call my name over an over and cover me in hugs (even after I was all sweaty with bug spray from head to toe) is such a gift. How I got so lucky to have this job I will never know…

Two blonde little girls playing ring around the rosie in a meadow of daisies

Two little girls in dresses running in a meadow of daisies


Two little girls blowing on a dandelion

two little girls sitting in a meadow of daisies handing one to their baby brother

two photos, one of a little blonde girl holding a daisy and a little blonde boy in a meadow

black and white photo of a family sitting in a meadow on a blanket with two little girls and a little boy

Blonde haired blue eyed little girl smiling

Little blonde girl twirling in her dress by a river

Family with two little girls and a boy throwing rocks on a river bank

Two little girls rubbing nose to nose while sitting on a rock

Two little girls holding their brother on their laps while sitting on a rock

Black and white photo of two little girls running through a meadow

Two little blonde girls in dresses running through a meadow

Little boy walking through a meadow with his two sisters

husband and wife hugging in a meadow with sun behind them

Dad holding baby boy with his family playing in the meadow behind him

husband and wife hugging in a meadow with sun behind them

Bothell Family Sunset Session

Little boy laughin on Dad

Bothell Family Sunset Session

It may not be Father’s Day just yet, but this Daddy deserves an award! I met up with his sweet family for the first time in the whimsical Country Village Shops in Bothell, WA. I had no idea until the very end that poor Dad was feeling under the weather! It takes a special human to power through a family photo session playing wildly with his kids and chasing random chickens! What a TROOPER I tell ya! Nothing makes you feel better than the power of laughter, and these sweet kids were full of giggles! So thrilled when I get to meet new families and capture a little slice of life for them!

Family of four playing tag and laughing

mom and daughter dancing in a flower garden

father and 3 year old son playing

father and 3 year old son playing


Family of four hugging in a garden

little brother and sister holding hands by a chicken and looking back

Mom and daughter hugging lovingly

3 year old boy running through a garden with his sister close behind

Surprise Wedding | Seattle Newborn Photographer

I “technically” stopped photographing weddings over ten years ago, but when April, a beautiful mama I’ve gotten to known through her boy’s Newborn photography sessions, contacted me about documenting her “surprise” wedding, how could I say no! That’s right, a SURPRISE wedding 🙂 Her fiance, Paul, has been a notorious surprise artist his entire life and April wanted to pull off the surprise of his lifetime!

April miraculously managed to secretly invite all of their family and closest friends to SURPRISE Paul with her wedding vows overlooking Seattle’s majestic Snowqualmie Falls.  Not even a torrential Spring downpour could dampen everyone’s smiles and and anticipation as a 100% shocked Paul rounded the corner to find his bride waiting for him 🙂 I still get chills thinking about it! Such a JOYOUS day!