Deep thoughts…

If you have gone out of your way to read this blog I owe it to you to share a bit about who I am. Back in college, 13 years ago (wow!), when anyone asked me, “what do you want to be when you grow up?”  I would always be quick to say, “a National Geographic Photographer.” I wanted to live in a grass hut somewhere across the ocean and make pictures that would change the world! I soon realized that I would have to give up the love of my life and forget having a family, so, I altered my plans slightly :). I don’t live in a grass hut, but I do share one tiny bathroom with my family. Throughout my evolution as a photographer, (photojournalist, nature, wedding and now portrait), I have realized that you don’t have to work for the most well known publication in the world to make beautiful pictures. I might not be changing the world, but I hope to be adding to the lives that I have had the great fortune of meeting and photographing. I’m thankful I didn’t follow through with my grand plan or I probably wouldn’t have these amazing children who make my heart skip a beat every day! Here are a few of my recent favorites as they put up with me and my ever present cameras.


The Lasters

I’m often blown away at how many people I have met because of my young children. I count my blessings every day for having such an amazing group of supportive and wonderful “mama” friends. Molly is one of those women I cherish, and you can see for yourselves how lovely her family is 🙂