Baby Jake

This sleepy little cherub and his family found me at the LAST second, and can I just say how happy I am that they did.  I encourage every mama-to-be to be to book their newborn session by at least by their 2nd trimester. . .but, every now and then a spot will open up. It certainly never hurts to ask, but if your thinking about newborn photos it’s NEVER to early to start planing! Baby Jake and his mama were both SO beautiful and so EASY to work with. Here’s a peek from our session . . .

Baby Sister

This amazing family has waited ever so patiently (over a month) to see their photos, so here’s a HUGE first look for you, you crazy Crosby’s 🙂 I couldn’t help but include at least one of your family out-takes…. Can you “pick” which one? hahahahahhaa….


That is the only word I can use when describing how pregnancy looks on this mama to be. And to think that she is even more beautiful on the inside! She’s due any day, and lives in Portland (sad face). I’m hoping she’ll want to hop in her car for a little road trip just to share that sweet baby with me anyway! What do you think Carolyn? :):) And of course we had to include her fist child in a few photos, you look mahhhhvalous in your bow tie Sparkles 🙂 Loved every moment of this session!

Nancy Searle -

beautiful pictures, beautiful mama – really some are breathtaking – congratulations Carolyn Taylor and beautiful job Brigette.