Seattle’s Smiling Tonight

Want to own a piece of history? I’m selling TWELVE of each of these photographs (numbered and signed) in a stunning 24×36 fine art canvas. They were both taken on the night of the big win (2-2-2014) Top photo from West Seattle, bottom photo from Queen Anne. Cost is $300 (plus tax and shipping). Click here to contact me and reserve one ASAP. Hurry, they will be gone fast!!!! Canvases will be numbered on a first come first served basis.

I’ve been proud of my city on more than one occasion, but last night was a new high! Seattle’s beloved Seahawks made history by bringing home the 48th Super Bowl trophy, and we reveled in every ounce of the excitement. We took a detour on the way home from our party to drink in the sights and sounds of an elated city (and to let mama capture a few frames of course)! Horns honking, singing and dancing in the streets, fireworks….the kids were in heaven. What a joy to see smiles on just about everyone all night and into today…if only it could last forever. What a game, what a night, what a city 🙂



Laurie Allen -

Amazing Brigette! I would love the one of the top.

Sam O'Shields -

Hard to choose! Think the 2nd is my favorite. 🙂

Jeri Bell -

I would take the second photo

Aaron Ballard -

how much on the top one

Mariah Goodchild Gordon -

I would love to purchase the 2nd one please!

Tressa Keeley-Pickett -

I would like the top one as well if still available

Adela Grandison -

Can you send me information about the second one? My email is Thank you!

Ethelliz Merced -

Love your work of art! Do you still have more of the bottom one?

Henrick | Seattle Newborn Photographer

Can you believe this little looker was 21 days old! I normally recommend that newborns come in two-weeks-old and younger, but this little guy volunteered to help me out while testing some new techniques and equipment. I have been a photographer for nearly 2 decades and have discovered during the last 2 + years that newborn photography is one of the most specialized genres in the field. I’m constantly learning and developing new ways to stay on top of the industry and provide my clients with the absolute best experience and the highest quality Newborn Photography in Seattle.


Milo & Jack | Seattle Baby Photographer | Seattle Family Photographer

I was lucky to meet this wonderful New York family last week while they were visiting relatives here in Seattle.  It just so happened to be their twin’s ACTUAL birthday, so a little cake smash fun was required! Sweet little Jack was still asleep when they arrived at the studio, and when he woke up in a strange room with lights and a strange lady holding a camera, what did he do??? He SMILED! I couldn’t believe it…