Meet Brigette…

Hello, and welcome to Penguin Pictures!  So thrilled that you have found me and are taking the first step toward a completely custom portrait experience!

I know all too well how quickly our little ones grow up.  In the blink of an eye, our “babies” are out of their crib and catching the school bus. The only thing more precious than your family’s memories are the photographs that will stand the test of time.

You’ll notice I’m not your typical “smile for the camera” type of photographer. Trained and worked as a photojournalist, I’m much more interested in capturing authentic moments than forcing smiles! I’m VERY laid back, and most of my clients would tell you that my sessions feel much more like a play date than a typical photo-shoot. I’ll get your family to LAUGH and PLAY and be there to capture it all. My goal at every session is to create photos that ooze love and connection; photos that your children and your grandchildren will cherish forever! I’ve been telling stories through my lens for nearly two decades, and I would be honored to tell yours.

Cheers! Brigette

(photo courtesy Sarh Beth Photography)